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Ashlem Speaks

ASHLEM is an Ascended Tibetan Master who speaks through Robert Copeland. This page highlights lectures by ASHLEM on Metaphysical Teachings of Enlightenment and Inspiration.

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Bob Copeland and Ashlem


Ashlem comes to us through a silver flame (cleansing) wearing a vibrant white (truth & purity) robe.

For this period of time the Blessedness of Goodness comes upon thee. For at this Period of Time upon Human Kind, there is great stress.
And there are the holy of holies who say, "Yeah there shall be great devastation. But who and when, it is unknown." They who cry forth 'the sky is falling,' shall have it fall upon their heads. But I say to the ones, do not listen to the ones that cry, for they have not listened before. Unto this period of time there shall be many things that come unto the future, but let us look at this present Moment of Time. It is beautiful. It is a time of loving and caring and giving of all things of life. It is time to be fulfilled. It is the season all over the earth. For almost every culture and almost every religion, it is a time of rejoicing. It is time for all to fill their hearts with this Story of Love and Peace.

It is not about Jesus; it is not about Buddha; it is not about Mohammed or Moses or any other avatars. It is about the loving and caring humankind coming together with the business of goodness for all. It is what the message of this year, and in the past and the future is.

Let us understand of this Force of Life upon us and what is to occur at this period of time. If ye stress yourself out by thinking terribly of all of this destruction that is to come upon the Earth Being, then ye bring that energy thought into focus. And thought by thought of the peoples, it manifests .It is how thought creation begins. It takes a little thing and builds it into a large thing. That is humankind's way of life of this period of time. One should look to their self to find the right purpose of this time.

All the world is not negative, my friends. Only 70 percent. It has risen. (percentage) That is an atrocity! It is not something that has not been seen before. Earth of this time is preparing for the Pole Shift. Many peoples will 'go home' as it is spoken. Some peoples will be going home because they have been recalled. Some have gone home because, they have not begun to work their mission upon earth.

Every soul has a mission to fulfill. Whether it be a personal mission to their family that they have come forth in, or whether it be a mission for the multitude of people, or its culture or its religious aspect. But everyone has a mission to fulfill. To live life with love and happiness is the most important for all peoples to understand. They who cling to the earth shall perish as the earth perishes. They who cling to the Spirit shall be risen forth into the Life Force at this period of time.

It is not necessary to go forth and fall upon your face to worship God, as I have said so many times before. Look within to find God; here within your heart into your total being. That is where God is. Into your body. The Spirit of it rises within here. (heart) Never forget this for one moment of time. If you are looking for God, do not look in a church or a synagogue or any other holy place that people say is divine. Because the only way that God is there, is by the patrons who exist there in that establishment. By their authority then, ye may say God is there, because they bring God within their hearts there. It is so.

I am not speaking of religion, but of Truth of life for this holy of holy times of the year. A very special occasion is coming soon upon earth. A new century. People are running scared. It is so. Do not be frightened. Everything shall work its way out. Many will leave, many more will come forth. When the earth is to shift, I do not know nor do the Brotherhood of Light know. It has been projected to this year ---May 5, 2000 by computers. They have not always been accurate as prophecies have not always been accurate.

The great ones who have prophesied before have found that 97% of Nostradamus and 87% of Edgar Cayce is correct. Then it brings forth, what is Prophecy? Is it a mystical thing that comes forth? Or is it a person who can coagulate all the time of the existences of Creation into their greater sense of knowing? They bring forth what they think is the future, brought into their mind by the God within. Some are very good clairvoyants, others try very hard to be a very good clairvoyant or prophet.

It is written into your Holy books that before the end, there shall be false prophets. Are I Ashlem a false prophet? Then may I say unto thee, that I do not prophesize. If It is thee that wishes to prophesize, then be sure of it at this period of time. Only a fool will try to predict what billions of people will do at any one given time... Of this great earth into its throes and at its great ending of life what it will be.

It will be many years to come forth. Maybe even a century of years before people realize a different Vibration of Light on this earth. I do not know. It is to come forth. Earth seems to be projecting this now as all can see. Do not be frightened. Ye can not stop it. It is far too late. If ye wish to stop it, it should have been done a hundred years ago with total love for all peoples. It is an impossibility. Churches say, "Love thy brother". Jesus came forth to say "Love thy brother". Mohammed came forth to say "Love thy neighbors and love everyone with thee. Then all will be good for thee." Buddha says "Let plentiful of life come forth for the goodness of all Creation, and all things including the lowly ant on the ground. Love all things of Creation of that God realm." But where is God? In your heart through your mind, Creation is of this period of time.

I say to thee all to understand. "Blessed be this time. Respect it as a blessed event. Do not worry about it. It will come forth to thee and all peoples to understand (revealed) what is your purpose upon this earth. For your direction and for your existence."

(Dissertation ends. Question and answer period begins)

A: When thee look upon a rose what do you see?

Class(C): Beauty

A: But what is beauty? Does it not lie in the eyes of the beholder? Then what is beauty. Is it what you think of the shape or color or being or creation or existence? What is true beauty? Again it lies in the eyes of the beholder. What is beautiful to I Ashlem, may not beautiful to thee. Here we look upon a beautiful rose that has grown in the garden. As I look at the rose I say there is great beauty within it, because it was born by the God Force of Creation. It has come forth to open its heart for all its beauty. And its beauty is your beauty. And that is what I see in a lowly rose. And any other flower including a little violet. It grows below the other flowers, because it is so beautiful, it does not have to grow way above them.

Remember this always unto your life. It does not matter if you are growing above everyone else. But if your light shines brightly below, where is your Life Force? You are beautiful. One who looks upon the little violet that grows below the roses, may find it to be exciting, more than the rose excites to them. Is not this a beautiful color of violet? Then let us think and see what is the purpose of the violet to the purpose of the rose for mankind. If we put everything to man and to mans existence on the earth's being, what is it are we to have of this period of time?

The violet is no different than the rose. To its own being which is much smaller than the rose, it is still expressing the same attitude of love. Through its beauty that all may look upon that beauty, but not the same beauty. Then let us look at mankind through that aspect of the rose. Is all mankind the same? Look upon a person who is black. Another black person who looks upon that person and says "Is not he or she beautiful?" Do thee feel that beauty also? Though ye eyes may not see that beauty, because you are not of that race. So then ye feel a discriminative attitude. But ye are not discriminating. Ye are organizing your pattern of what ye think is beautiful. But ye may look upon a black person and say is she not beautiful and thee are white. It does not matter does it? Then all should look upon each other as beautiful beings like the rose and the violet. They are different but expressing the same thing. The God within! and is it not so for each of us to do this also of this Period of Time? As we enter into this New Age coming forth, we must carry in our hearts, this mind purpose .

What is my purpose upon this earth plane ? If your mission is not completed, then it might be the simple mission of recognizing the beauty in other peoples. They might not be the same as thee. They may not look the same as thee. But are they the works of God within that Creative Force like the rose and the violet? All works are of the God Force, is it not so? Of that the Creation to grow to its fullest extent. If one would take a grain of wheat and dissect it with a knife, and put it under a super microscope, they would look and see in the pattern of that seed. They would see the adult picture of that plant. That is what they'll see, because that is its way of life. That is all that it can be. You can not take human and slice them in half and put them under a microscope and say, "This is what you'll look like when you grow up." So let us not put anyone under a microscope. It is all right to put the seed of a grain of wheat, the germ of it, so to see what it will be. It can be nothing else but stalk of wheat. It can't be a rose because it was not born to be a rose. It was born to be a stalk of wheat. In its own way a flower within. This is the purpose of life at this time. To fulfill missions, to continue on this Earth Being, what each of us must do is to continue to bring this Love Force to the New Century. We do this individually. We do not do this as a group or as a whole, but each individual who goes forth and smiles upon another person who does not look the same as they. And they do not look the same as thee. And you say, "Are ye not beautiful like that rose or that violet or as the straw of flower." All are born for that same purpose. To give the existence of love. And if the straw of flower looks upon the rose, it admires the rose because it is a rose, and the rose looks upon the straw of flower and says, "Is it not beautiful?"

Because it is different than the rose, then is it not the same lesson within us to look for our own self to find what we are. Are thee the straw of flower or are thee the rose? It does not matter. You are beautiful.
That is the beautiful thing of all creation. That is the theme for the new century coming forth. Rise forth! Into this land. Rise forth the beauty within thee, outwardly and
spread this joy unto others at this time. And continue it until thee leave this earth plane into spirit again. We sit here and we see the flesh body. But I Ashlem can see the spirit through these eyes. When I was in flesh form, I could see exactly as thee. Only the flesh body and material things. Because I was born through the womb. But it is why I do not come through the womb, I come through Robert, that I may express that which I have learned of the wisdom of time. That thee may benefit from some little word I may say to thee. Though it is sometimes very
hard for me to say these words.
But it is a time of reflection for all to come forth of this Time of Light.

C: You can see our spirits. What does it look like? Is it Light?

A: For I to describe your spirit to thee, it does not look like her spirit. But it is the same matter of spirit. In other words it is made up of the same light, is it not?? But your spirit is different than hers through the Odic Life Force, which causes thee to be thee in thy spirit. It is how
other spirits can recognize other spirits that they have seen before. Because they recognize that Life Force which is your Odic Force of Light. Your spirit is beautiful as all spirits here are beautiful. And if thee can look into spirit and see spirit, you only see beauty.
There is no dark
dissention of time (negativity) in the spirit world. But only light and love.
It would be hard for I in spirit to express to thee the exactness of that love. You could not conceive nor could I be able to speak truly to thee the words . For I do not believe that they have been invented. Do thee understand??

C: Does it have a form?

A: You are the form of your spirit of this time. Because your spirit takes on this form. When thee are into another body, say masculine. You would take on the masculine form. You would be the same beauty of that spirit. But you would be exercising the vibration of masculinity instead of femininity. And as I have said many times unto ladies that Femininity is the Purity of Mankind. It expresses the beauty like the rose and the violet, or the straw flower. All is beautiful. Some are more beautiful than others. If one gives forth the Grace of Light unto their being and understanding who they are of this time; will they not find a Greater Light shining from them? When ye speak of Love unto other people, the Grace within thee expands upward. You aura is your spirit. And your etheric aura expands out because you are filled with that joy. And that is what your spirit is made of JOY.
It is not made of negativity. Because if it was made of negativity, you would not even shine within thee. You would be a pinpoint of darkness. It has been said that many peoples of earth have a pinpoint of darkness within them. That is all of the Light that they may see. But it is by their own choice that they make of this.

Will it not be beneficial to thee if ye would take and cultivate a rose and make it grow better and brighter for thee?
Would thee not cultivate that spirit within that person to bring the Light into it, so that it may expand also? It is the purpose of life. That is the reason. Most missions are considered upon that, to bring it forth.. some missions of this time are to
go forth to help others, sometimes to help others cross over to the Spirit World, who are of the flesh.
Children today who are born do not think of spirit, because they have not been taught about spirit. Because Mother and Father have said to them so many times before and uncles, grandparents: " Spirit- you do not speak of spirit because you do not know what you are talking about in spirit; because if ye say you saw a spirit or a ghost, they would laugh at thee and thee would not speak about it again". That is bad. So ye say unto the children of this time... (Ashlem stops)

C: Stepping back into recognizing spirits. Does our spirit recognize other spirits in the flesh body?

A: Yes, it is so. Because the spirit can recognize and see as I am looking here at spirits. I see through the flesh body.

C: We can feel and recognize those spirits?

A: Yes it is so . I see Light. I see your light, your spirit. I don't see darkness, because I do not wish to see darkness. I only see the beauty of Light through these eyes. When Robert is speaking and I am not here he sees the same as thee. I do not interfere with his freedom of choice. Therefore it is why I come through Robert to speak to thee. Sometimes I put into Robert's mind those things that he should be speaking to thee. And he learns also by that speaking. Into these sessions I will let him retain the knowledge that I am speaking that he may understand of it. But through your Readings (Akashic Life), I will take it (remove it) from his awareness mind so that you can be totally open to I Ashlem. That is the purpose of it.

C: You were about to tell us what to say to the children that see spirits.

A: When you speak of spirits, you say unto the child, "Is it not beautiful that thee (you) see the spirit of another? Is it not beautiful?" The child will say it is so. This will be a child from the age of 3 to 7 who is yet in doubt, because the Veil of Consciousness has not yet descended upon their mind yet. After 7 years of age according to their wisdom, it will be the
depth of the Veil of Consciousness, and whether their wisdom will be blocked out or brought in.
That is up to their wisdom, not any parent or any teaching. Therefore by the age of 7 when the child is still speaking about the spirit that they still see and feel, speak openly unto that child and say "Rise (bring) it forth, let it be said. (You can say it.) Speak only the
Truth that thee see, but not a fantasy and we will love thee for this." It is what thee do to a child. There are other things. Encourage them to continue.
If you say unto the child, "Do not say that. They will laugh at thee." It will close that Veil of Consciousness upon them because they do not want to be laughed at.

C: Is that what happens when they say that they have an imaginary friend?

A: It is so. Do thee understand? When you speak to a child that is upwards of three years old, and they speak of things that they see, and imaginary friends, they are not imaginary. They can see spirit. They can see the 'other side' as thee call it.. Because their veil of consciousness has not yet descended upon them. By the age of seven they may deny that they have ever seen a sprit. Do thee understand? Encourage them ... not to lead them
astray, but give encouragement to the child to say "it is good that thee see this", it will grow for them better. (Expand their awareness.)

C: When I was the age of seven I did see a man and a woman and I thought they were walking through the wall of my bedroom. The man had glasses and what I would call a khaki suit (uniform). I never did know who they were.

A: Was there someone in your family that was killed during WW1... who perished?

C: I am not sure.

A: Research your family and you may find that it is so. That is who walked through the walls. The energy that they portrayed is that which they perished with. Not because they were angry but because they were still on their pathway to spirit.

C: Well he smiled all the time when he looked at me.

A: Thee should research this to bring a Greater Truth to your being at this period of time. I do not know the parties name. The woman was his wife.

C: Did she perish also?

A: Not at same place. But they had been together, and were walking together after the flesh body had disappeared. (They died).

-December 16, 1999 AD Transcribed by Namankh


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