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Reverend Robert Copeland, Teacher and Lecturer of Metaphysics is a trance channel for the Ascended Tibetan Master "ASHLEM". Reverend Copeland gives Past Life Readings in Person or on CD by mail, dealing with your Past Lives and  Personal Problems and Questions in your Present Life.


Akashic Readings in Person or by Mail

A $50.00 Donation in American Currency or U.S.P.O. Money Order
(No checks please)
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Mail to: 
Rev. Bob Copeland
220 N 22nd Place, #1026
Mesa, AZ 85215

Questions should be about your own life, not other people's lives.
Please ask questions in detail.

Please include your FULL legal name on birth certificate or if married, your full married name!

The more detailed your questions, the more detailed your
Akashic Reading will be!

An example of questions you may wish to include:

What is my purpose in life? Did I live on Atlantis or ?
Why am I interested in U.F.O.'s? Special Messages, or
 Did I live in The Lifetime of Jesus?
Also list your Fears or Emotional Problems, as they can be explained.

(1) Complete and Print our order form.
(2) Include your personal questions if responding by mail.
(3) Enclose a $50.00 check or U.S.P.O. Money Order if ordering by mail.
(4) Mail enclosures to Rev. Copeland at:

Mail to: 
Rev. Bob Copeland
220 N 22nd Place, #1026
Mesa, AZ 85215


By Rev. Robert L. Copeland

Information herein has been designed thru the years to help you understand how to get the most out of your Akashic Life Reading. These are the "do's, the don'ts, the why nots and the wherefores " of Ashlem.
A S H L E M.
Ashlem is an Oriental Tibetan. His prime purpose is to help you understand yourself today. He goes thru your Past Life Experiences to express whom you were in other lifetimes. He may give you one, two, three, or maybe ten lifetimes; but normally, he only gives you a couple of lifetimes. He expresses what is necessary in those lifetimes for you to help yourself with today.I tell people to ask questions about themselves and not someone else, such as "Is Jane or John Doe a good person?" Ashlem will not answer that question, for it would tend to interfere with Jane or John Doe's freedom of choice or call for a decision or a conclusion on Ashlem's part. Ashlem makes no decisions for you. You must make all final decisions in your life for yourself. He will not prophesize for you like a psychic would do. I.e., "Am I going to become rich? Am I going to become famous or buy a new car, get a new home?" He does not venture into things of that nature. You can ask if you were incarnate with Jane or John Doe in another lifetime. He will talk to you about that. If you give him a long list of friends that you are curious about, he will not go into all those incarnations for you. He will however, talk to you about the ones that are most important in your life today; so ask him about them. Use their full legal name and their relationship to you to the best of your knowledge.
If you have a problem in your life today or a problem with someone in this lifetime, express your problem in great detail. We find thru the years, that people who talk to Ashlem in detail will get detailed answers. If you are evasive with your questions; Ashlem will be evasive with the answers and put them in parables. Then you will have to figure them out. If he should talk to you in a parable, that is for you to figure out; and sooner or later you will, if you are interested. If he should say to you, "Do you understand?" and you don't, say so. He will rephrase his answer to your question. He wants you to know that existence now. So talk to Ashlem and treat him like he is your most confident friend and you will find out that he is. I tell people that he may enter into your consciousness and know you in all your deepest darkest secrets.
If you wish to talk to him about any of those secrets, my advice to you is to talk to him about them. No matter how personal they may be. I will remember nothing of your reading. It is strictly between you and Ashlem. I might cry during this reading. Don't worry about me. I'm all right. My hands will hurt when I come out of the trance momentarily. It is just a stiffness in my fingers that goes away. Don't be concerned about it. You might cry. Don't be bashful or embarrassed. Most people do cry. Men my age have hysterically cried, so I am quite used to that experience. Ashlem may choose to give you a healing or a blessing. Don't be afraid to touch me, if he asks you to place my hand on your heart or your throat chakra, or upon your forehead to remove or lift your veil of consciousness. Whatever you need, he will do for you. Like balance your energy centers, your chakras, or simply give you a healing or a blessing. Ashlem is very loving and very caring.
Do not be afraid of Ashlem. You will sit on a chair and I will lie on a sofa and I will go into Meditation. In that Meditation, I am placing the White Light of the Christ, around both of us to protect us. When I am finished I will open with a verbal prayer. In the beginning of the prayer, I will ask your permission to open your Records. You must give me your permission verbally. I will continue with the prayer. I will ask Ashlem to come forth and take me by my hand and lead me thru these Realms to keep me from harm. That's when I go to 'never-never land' as I call it. Really what he does is he suppresses my soul in my body. He enters my body and begins showing me pictures on my psychic screen; my dream screen. I describe these pictures to you in great detail. Thru the years, we have found that these are not just pretty pictures; they are all reflections of you, past present and future. Rolled into one. He uses symbols: the birds, the bees, flowers, trees, the animals of the forest and the forest itself, to express YOU; past, present and the future. Everything in those pictures is you, about you and for you.

COLORS: Pay particular attention to the colors he shows you. Colors have meaning.
Pink is Love
Blue is Emotions and balancing of emotions.
White is Truth and Purity.
Gold is Wisdom and Knowledge.
Silver is Cleansing. Cleansing of the mind, cleansing the body.
Orange is Intellect.
Green is Healing.
Brown is Depressions
Red is Sorrows and Negative Karma.
Purple is Spirituality. The lighter the shade , the greater the Spirituality.
Violet is the greatest of the Spirituality.


Pay particular attention to the Flame Ashlem comes in. He most always comes in a flame. He is telling you to surround yourself with that kind of existence. If he came in a Gold Flame, Gold is Wisdom and Knowledge, so Ashlem would be telling you to surround yourself with Wisdom and Knowledge by being Wisdom and Knowledge and making all your friendships, people of Wisdom and Knowledge. Surround yourself with Wisdom and Knowledge.
The Robe that Ashlem wears around him is your Personal Aspect. That is what you should be producing from yourself today. If he were wearing an orange robe, he would be telling you to be Intellectual or to increase your intellect.
Cords or sashes around his waist are what binds that robe to you. In other words, it is how to do it. If he wears a blue sash, he is telling you to balance your emotions to increase your intellect, (orange robe), then stand in Wisdom and Knowledge. He is showing you how you should be living your life. The colors are all different. They are all significant.
After he shows me those pictures, he will take me to the last lifetime that I ask for. I ask for the very last life that is most important to you NOW. It may have been a hundred lifetimes ago or your very last lifetime. Whatever it is, I will express to you in detail what he shows to me. When he is ready, Ashlem will ask to speak thru me. I will give him permission. He may talk to you for a few moments, then he will ask you for your questions. By this time, your mind goes blank, and that is why we ask you to write your questions down. Ask your MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FIRST, because when
Ashlem is ready to leave, he will leave.
Some questions might be:
How old is my soul? How many incarnations have I had? Is this my last incarnation? What must I do to complete this incarnation? Did I ever live in any Biblical times? Did I ever live on Atlantis, the Lost Continent, or the Land of Mu, another Lost Continent called Eden or Lemuria? Was I ever famous? Am I from the Earth Plane originally? If not, what planet am I from? Am I a member of the Brotherhood of Light, the Space Brothers? Have I ever been on a UFO? What duties did I perform there? Why do I have an affinity towards Egypt or birds or planes? Why am I afraid of heights? Did I know my wife/husband/mother, etc? in another lifetime? My brother (name) died. May I ask if he has a message for me? Am I on my correct path in life? Am I on my spiritual path? What may I do to enhance ......? Can you explain this dream to me? I am bothered by... Anything you want to know about you, he will talk to you about it. If you asked, "What is
my friend or my brother or my sister doing now?" Ashlem will not answer, but if you said," My friend is doing this or that, how can I help her/him overcome that problem?" Ashlem will tell you how to help your friend overcome that problem without interfering with their freedom of choice. Talk to Ashlem! That is the most important thing I can suggest.


         After Ashlem tells you about your past lives, he will then ask you to begin your questions.   If you ask specific questions about your past lives, you will get specific answers. That is, if you truly were in those particular lifetimes that you are seeking information about. In your reading, you will be told automatically about the past lives that you had that are pertinent to your life today. This helps you to see and know how to handle particular problems and gives you insight of you and your personal life as well as those things that are affecting you now.

This includes your deepest darkest secrets. You do not have to reveal them, but if you need help in regard to understanding them, Spirit will help you. If you want to know if you were incarnate with (full legal name of person) in any lifetime, you can get that answer. The date, state, country, place, and your names will be given to you. Your age at that time, who and what you were about and your age at death in that lifetime(s) will be given. Also whether you had children, were married and what you did for a living. Whatever you want to know about you, a loved one, someone who has died, etc.

If you have a special feeling about a country, a love of a certain animal(s), space ships, Atlantis, the Life of Jesus, whatever, ask about that. What is my mission in life? Am I on my path of life doing what I came to do? What planet am I from? Why do I have a fear of….? I have an emotional problem of…Why? Who are my guides? What is the name of my guardian angel? Have I been with (name) before this lifetime? In what manner?  Ask your questions in detail and you will get detailed answers.

Ask your most important questions first, because when Ashlem is ready to leave, he will leave. Are U.F.O.’s for real? Where do they come from? Can you name a space ship or space commander that I might know? Have I ever been aboard a space ship? If so, what did I do there?

Ask and you will receive your special information. Ask about health problems, end of Time, World Peace. Ask about war, government or space, planets, crystals…whatever you want to know. What is important to you…. ask about it.

Colors and symbols are important. Nature and the elements are also important. Listen for them in your reading. A rainbow is Higher Intellect. (Higher Consciousness), Blue is balancing emotions, and peace. Pink is love, Gold is wisdom and knowledge, brown is depression, Orange is intellect. Red is heartaches and sorrows. White is Truth and Purity. Silver is cleansing. Violet and Purple are Spirituality. The lighter the color, the higher the Spirituality. (Animals) Eagles; are leaders, who have great wisdom, great insight and strength. Doves are Christom, peacemakers and. Are of Love. The little stream of water is your Destined Course of your Life today.  The waterfall is life. What is in the water pertains to you. If a beaver is building a dam, you will work hard to maintain your existence.. Pool of water is the total sum of your life experiences. If the stream ziz-zags sharply, there are rough times in your life. If your life stream goes back into the Forest, you are continuing life.If a squirrel is running up and down a tree hiding nuts, you need to start saving for the future. A doe deer and a buck are mates if they go down the life stream together. If they nuzzle and one goes away, they will not pair up. Watch what the birds do. Birds circling around or Ashlem circling around are cycles  of time. One revolution is 1 year. Half way is 6 months. Flowers are the abundance of life. White roses are your Christom. The more white roses, the older your soul. Twelve is the most white roses, (including the white rosebud.) If the white bud is beginning to open, you are gaining wisdom & knowlege until it is in full bloom.  The White rose is Truth & Purity.Everything in your reading is you, about you and for you.

If Ashlem stands in the center of the pool dropping rose petals, he is telling you to stand like a sentinel in your experiences of life. If he calls a single bird, it is you. Pay attention to Ashlem’s actions. Listen to your tape and you will find yourself and know yourself to be more worthy than you think you are. There is more to you than you know or think you are and more to life than you know or think.

 Please go to and click on Akashic Life Readings page. Print out the Symbols & Colors (page 2) as they are very important for your understanding of your reading. Number your questions according to their importance, (i.e. most important ones first). In person readings, bring pad & pencil in case you hear something Ashlem tells you that you may want to know more about. You can jot a note next to your questions to help you remember what it was.

For Readings done in person, you will receive your tape at the end of your Reading. If you have mailed your questions to Rev. Bob, your audiocassette tape will be mailed to you.  Print your age, full legal name (from your birth certificate), your last name now, your address, city, state, zip code. Whether you are male or female.

Pay attention to the color of the ROSES.
The White Roses, which represents the Christ, the Christ in all of us, give the age of your soul. The older the soul, the more white roses Ashlem gives to people. The pink and the gold roses should equal the number of white roses at sometime in your life. So if you have 10 white roses and only 6 pink roses and 5 golden roses, which means you will have to work on Love. Universal, impersonal Love as pink is Love. And the gold is the Wisdom and Knowledge for life and you will have to bring them up as close as you can to, the same number of white roses.. That is what Ashlem is asking you to do. To pay attention to yourself.


The Doves are the Doves of Peace and Love.
If you have a lot of Doves, apparently you are one of those Doves. Ashlem puts out one of those Doves, especially the first one. The first one is usually you. Whatever that Dove does, you must do also to a degree, but everyone is different, so everyone has to interpret their own meaning of their Doves, their roses, the trees. Remember, the trees are all different sizes and shapes. That means all the lifetimes that you have had. Trees are your lifetimes. They are all different. The foliage is in color. Trees with brown leaves are lives of depression. Trees that are barren of leaves are lives of negative attitude. Trees with purple or violet foliage are lives lived in servitude of Spirituality. Trees with green leaves are lives lived to the fullest expression. Trees with pink leaves are loves of those lives lived by you.. Ashlem is xpressing to you that you have lived many lifetimes, in many different degrees of life and so forth. All these symbols have to be figured out by the recipient, because they mean something to you. They change over the years so that is why you need to figure them out.

ANIMALS of the Forest of Life:
The White Dove means Peace, and it has many different meanings to it. A little bluebird coming out of the forest is you and represents things that you have either done or will do in your life. The deer that Ashlem usually shows to people, tell a story. That story may change later in life, but again it can be your past, present or future. If I interpret them for you then they will only mean one thing to you. That is why you need to discover what they mean to you now.

Eagles are Wisdom and Knowledge and great inner strength with great foresight. Doves may turn into Eagles. Yet they are all equal. The eagles are the gatherers and the Doves are the Truth and the Peace and the Teachers. Peacemakers. All.

Represents Past Lives. Water flowing means the days. The waterfalls have many, many meanings. The pool of water is the New Path. If Ashlem turns around 3 times, then your life may change 3 times. If a new pathway opens before Ashlem,    then a new pathway is opening for you in your life. The rocks are bumps in your life that either the water flows over or   goes around, just as you would do. Look carefully at Ashlem's actions. They are directions for you.


When your questions have been answered Ashlem usually says: "Peace be unto thee. I take my leave." When Ashlem is finished with me, he will release me and I will come back and close your records and then I will come out of the trance. I will check your tape on each side for a second or two to make sure it has recorded, and then it is yours. Any questions concerning your reading afterwards, I would be happy to help you with, but you would have to tell me what he was talking to you about, as I will remember nothing of your reading.

Note: Please do not play your tape/CD in your automobile while driving.
Rev. Bob Copeland and Ashlem
Transcribed by Karita



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